Lake Murray Real Estate

Many different neighborhoods and communities within four counties border on Lake Murray.  Real Estate on Lake Murray starts around 150,000 for a condominium or small cottage and can easily exceed one million dollars for a dream home. The amount of water frontage directly relates to the value of Lake Murray real estate. Proximity to downtown Columbia SC is also a factor that affects Lake Murray Real Estate pricing.  If a property is convenient to downtown Columbia or to an interstate exchange, one can expect a higher listing price.  Another factor that contributes to Lake Murray Real Estate pricing is water depth and views.

A home needs to have at least 100 ft of water frontage to be approved for a private dock. Homes with existing docks can be grandfathered in and do not have to meet the criteria.  A lake property with deep water is considered more valuable than a property with low water because one can leave boats at the dock year round in deep water.  The sunset views at Lake Murray are a sight to enjoy and people who are interested in living on the lake value them.  Lake Murray views are priceless!

Lake Murray, Information

Lake Murray is approximately 50,000 acres. It is owned and managed by South Carolina Electric & Gas. It has more than 500 miles of shoreline. Lake Murray has a maximum depth of 200ft and a surface elevation of approximately 360 feet. Lake Murray is more than 70 years old. Lake Murray has grown to serve many purposes.

The Lake Murray Dam was completed in 1930. It was one of the largest dams in the world. In 2005 a complete earthquake proof overhaul was done on the dam widening it from two lanes to a four lane road. This overhaul of the Lake Murray Dam was the result of 20 years of hard work and 275 million dollars. The finished Lake Murray Dam is a pleasure to drive, safe and secure,  and has a pedestrian walkway that many residents use for exercise, fresh air, and to see the amazing views of Lake Murray.

Lake Murray is a great source of recreation. Boating, fishing and skiing are just a few of the ways residents enjoy Lake Murray.  Lake Murray has marina restaurants and boat clubs that offer usage of different types of boats for a monthly fee.

Lake Murray is home to many species of wildlife and fish.  The Purple Martin Sanctuary is located on Bomb Island in Lake Murray. It is North America’s first official Purple Martin sanctuary and also the largest Purple Martin roosting area. Approximately 700,000 purple martins visit this island during the peak roosting season in July. There are so many birds that they can be seen on Doppler radar.

Lake Murray Neighborhoods

Lake Murray neighborhoods can be condominiums like Lands End, new home developments and also Lake Murray homes that are not in a neighborhood (usually have well & septic). Some of my favorite Lexington Lake Murray neighborhoods are Spence's Island, Spence Plantation and Harbour Place. A few great Chapin neighborhoods are Timberlake Plantation, The Oaks, and Forty Love.

Harbour Place is a classic, beautiful, Lake community with a boat ramp, community basketball and picnic area and many different style of homes. It's children attend award winning Lexington school district 1 and it is very convenient to shopping, eating, downtown Columbia and the Lake Murray dam.

Timberlake Plantation is resort like with it's marina, restaurant, pool, tennis courts and beautiful golf course. The club is semi-private so one can play without full membership. Enjoy lakefront homes, lake access as well as homes on the golf course. Timberlake feeds to highly ranked Chapin Schools.

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