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June 30, 2014

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Chris Austin - Home Loan Specialist


Chris Austin Banker

Chris Austin - Home Loan Specialist 

Chris is a native of Columbia. He has 15 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. He has helped over a 1,000 families fulfill the dream of home ownership. Chris graduated from USC with a B.S ...

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Dec. 28, 2012

Mortgage Rates Continue To Fall

I remember my first mortgage in the 1990's and the rate was around 10 percent. Jump forward to 2005 and home buyers were thrilled with rates as low as 6%. Present day is December 2012 and a month ago we saw the lowest rates since 1971.

  • Current  30 year fixed ...
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June 11, 2012

Foreclosures and Re-finance Options

Foreclosure- Can refinancing help you with saving your home? 

Foreclosure is when the lender takes away your home, turns you out from it and sells it off to get back his money. This can happen if you default on the loan payments or if you are unable to make ...

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April 25, 2012

Foreclosures in Carolina

How can you avoid real estate foreclosures in Carolina?

Are you a distressed homeowner who is residing in Carolina? If yes, then it is important that you avoid foreclosure or short sales so that you can keep your precious home secured and save your credit record. You must know that ...

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Aug. 11, 2011

Boutique Real Estate Firm

Capital City Realty is a Boutique Real Estate firm -this means we provide our real estate clients an intimate, all inclusive experience focused on honesty, flexibilty and the desire to meet each client's needs.

Renovations - Capital City Realty's Tina Stoia is a licensed contractor with an amazing portfolio of work. Tina ...

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