When you consider the value of your home, you are really thinking about a number of different factors that combine into the ultimate value. For example, you want to consider how your home looks, how it functions, how well it is maintained, and what particular features it has that make it appealing. Part of each of these considerations is your home security system, which needs to be of the highest quality for your home to achieve its maximum worth and capability. So, with this in mind, here are a few words on some of the most important features that your home can enjoy through the use of a professional home security system.

• House Alarm – The most basic, and most important, of all home security features, any modern home needs to be equipped with an alarm. This security feature – usually a wireless one in newer systems – not only alerts you in the event of a break-in or intrusion, but also automatically alerts the authorities while simultaneously likely scaring off the intruder. A house alarm is an absolutely essential element of a security system.
• Motion Detectors – Despite the fact that your alarm should serve as the main element of your system, you should still equip your home with failsafe features that can protect you in the event that the alarm, for any reason, fails you. Motion detectors inside your home can serve the same function as the alarm if an intruder somehow gets inside.
• Smoke Detectors – Home security also has to deal with accidental dangers, such as home fires. For this reason, investing in smoke detectors is certainly advisable, as these features can detect smoke, in many cases, when you and your family cannot, because you are not there or are not close enough to the source of the smoke. This can be the difference between life and death.
• Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Similarly, your home can also fall victim to a harmful carbon monoxide leak, which in many cases is something that is undetectable by human senses. Unfortunately, it is possible to become a victim of this gas without even realizing it, which is why installing these detectors is essential.
• Yard Sign – Finally, and most simple of all, you should attempt to procure a yard sign from whatever home security company you use. A sign in your yard indicating that you are protected by a security system will scare off most potential intruders, as no criminal is looking to get caught by the authorities for tripping a security system. A yard sign is an excellent first line of defense.

- Mark J. is a professional freelance writer and programmer at Homesecuritysystem.com. He has worked with a number of clients in different fields including technology, education, security, and business.