Why Use a Capital City Realty Buyer’s Agent?

In the world of information and technology buyers can easily find all the real estate data they need or want with a few keystrokes in Google. So why use a buyer’s agent?

Buyer agency protects a buyer’s best interest and is a free service. Many buyers do not know that the name on the “For Sale” sign is a listing agent with a fiduciary duty to try and get the highest price possible for the listed property.

The following are traits our buyer agents offer that buyers want!

  •     Honesty: We provide all relevant facts about the property and share our experience and expertise on ways to handle any issues and/or solutions to the problems.   
  •     Clear direction: We explain every step of the buying process. We also share different scenarios and possible outcomes to keep you prepared.
  •     Choices: We explain every option and what it means to your situation to allow for the most educated choices possible.
  •     Exceptional service: We know our area and we get to know our clients. By knowing about the different areas of Columbia we assist buyers with educated decisions. After getting to know a client and his/her needs    we can point them in the right direction via home styles, amenities and neighborhoods. We stay objective!
  •     Professional input: We provide clear, honest and experienced based recommendations and/or advice. The bottom line is we seek to assist our buyer exclusively.
  •     Sympathetic: We listen and learn without judgment. Our goal is to learn what your needs and wants are and ensure those needs are met.


Are you considering buying real estate in South Carolina?

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